Zarastro Ch. Live2D Rigging

Welcome! Here you can find all my info needed for commissioning me for Live2D rigging!

Terms and Conditions

All pricing includes commercial rights.50% of the Total Price (USD) is required before I start working on your model. This is non-refundable unless I've not started working yet, in which case I'll return 45% of the total price.The IP (Intellectual Property) belongs to you, the commissioner.Regular updates will be given while I'm working via DM's on either Twitter or Discord (preferred).Minor changes to the model will be allowed for up to 3 weeks from you receiving the model, after that, there will be a $10 revision fee unless we've come to an agreement amending this.By commissioning me I have the right to showcase and display your model as part of my portfolio.Please credit me for any work I've done for you on your social media, be it your Twitter bio or a pinned tweet.While working on your model I may share my workflow via streaming it, unless requested otherwise, in which case I will keep things confidential.Payment is to be done via PayPal. Any and all private information that might be shared via transaction information will remain strictly confidential.


Please use the calculator below to get a rough estimate of how much your model will cost:

Do note:
Rush order: 50% of final price
L2D source file: 50% of final price
Last update: 26/01/2023

Mouth form charts:

Model Showcases

Mitten Willoughby

Anxono Awoo

Sakura Lia

Romero G

Artists I Work With

I don't do Live2D art, but I have a bunch of artist friends who do, so here are a couple of them I'd recommend if you don't have art ready.
They are trusted friends and deliver good quality work, I also have easy communication with them, so if changes or updates are required, it won't take forever.